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Why Aurangzeb, a slaughterer of Hindus is admired in Hindustan (India)?

Aurangzeb committed a lot of atrocities in our country. He killed our many Sikh Gurus. He set fire to the Nalanda University library, which kept burning for 3 months. Our scriptures were burnt; people were abused and tortured and were forced to change their religion. He jailed his father and killed his brother. Yet, we have a road (Aurangzeb Road in Delhi) and city (Aurangabad) name after him!

Aurangzeb remained in conflict with his four sons; he kept his 3 sons in prison for number of years.
He demolished several Hindu temples and conflict with Maratha Empire Shivaji for more than 20 years.

Some of the anti-Hindu measures adopted by Aurangzeb are:

  1. Demolishing temples and breaking idols. He built Mosques at the sites of several temples in India. Some of the famous temples are Chintamani temple at Ahmedabad, Keshva in Mathura, Viswanath in Varanasi, Somnath in Kathiawar, 240 temples in Mewar and thousands in other states.
  2. Obligation of Jaziya (poll tax) for Hindus. Akbar had eradicated this tax on the Hindus, but Aurangzeb issued very strict instruction to his officers to collect Jazia. Hindus were killed under the feet of elephant when they protest against this measure.
  3. Removal of Hindus from Government jobs. The Hindus were removed from high administrative government posts. 
  4. Restrictions on Hindu educational institutions. He destroyed several educational institutions in Varanasi, Multan and Thatta; and Hindu children were not allowed to attend Muslim Madras and Maqtabs.
  5. Conversion through different means. Hindus were only free from taxes or Jaziyas in case of conversion to Islam. Hindu prisoners and job holders are too pushed to convert their religion to Islam.
  6. Several Social restrictions. Except Rajputs, no Hindus could ride on elephant, horse and a palanquin. Holi and Diwali also restricted in several districts. Dead bodies were not allowed to burnt on the banks of Sabarmati river in Ahmedabad and Jamuna river in Delhi.

Naming a city or a road after someone is sign of respect and honour. Thus, the same honour that we have given to Sri Aurobindo, we have also given to Aurangzeb!

Look at Europe, there is no street or city named after Hitler. People are ashamed to even mention his name. But in the Indian capital city Delhi, we have a major road named after Aurangzeb. We must do something against this as well.

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