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What do you know about the Indian National Anthem?

It says “Jan Gan Man Adhinaayak Jai Hai” Who is Adhinaayak Lord? Who are we singing this for? This song was written to welcome George V to India during British rule. Till today we continue to sing the song written in praise of him! This kind of foolishness even after 65 years of Independence is unheard of in any other country. “Jai Hai, Jai Hai” who are we saying this to? This is for George V of England as if he still continues to be the person to ordain India’s destiny, even today.

This song has five more stanzas. There can be no greater shame than the fact that we still continue to sing this song. Bu singing this song we have sold our self-pride.

We should all be singing “Vande Mataram”. We must go to all villages and stop them from singing “Jan Gan Man”. Explain to every MLA and MP about this issue. There are only 500 MPs who run the country. Even if some of them are convinced things will change. Explain to the general public that we want our own National Anthem. So far we have been in the darkness and we did not know. But now, the people are awake.

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