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The Economic Servitude of India – Part III

What kind of society do we wish to leave for our children? Ask people this question. Take each Tehsil, district and state towards self-sufficiency. Talk to each and everyone about this. Tell everyone in each village that on every street, tree must be planted. There are so many different kinds of trees – sandalwood, peepal, neem, etc. we must safeguard the wealth of our nation. It is vital to keep it safe. In the village when we need wood, we just go ahead and chop down a tree, without thinking about the fact that the future generations would be left without any wood or trees. Tell each person that before cutting down one tree, they must plant at least five trees in its place. This custom is elaborated in our Shastras.

Our government spends crores of rupees on the Public Health Department. It is stupidity to spend crores of rupees to distribute a few drugs. Ask everyone to move towards Ayurveda. It is not necessary to eat aspirin when you have a headache, fever or cold; take Sitopaladi Churna instead.

We polish the rice that we eat – this is completely unnecessary. Explain this to everybody. Let people take a vow for the next two years they will only use things made in India. We are not opposing anybody, but it is necessary to improve the economic conditions of our country. The state of our economy lays the foundation of our Dharma. Bad economic condition shakes the foundation of our Dharma.

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