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The Economic Servitude of India - Part II

Tea is grown in India and the packaging is also done here. Because of an error in judgement by Nehru, the money earned from the tea is also remitted out of the country. The teabag that is made for 10 paisa is sold at Rs. 10/-. They are robbing India. Hindustan Lever products like Lifebuoy soap have been used since childhood. It seems as if it is Indian. But all the money goes abroad. There were so many soft drinks companies in India like Limca, Campa etc., but these foreigners did not let any of these companies stay in production. Within a span of 2-3 years, they have ruined these Indian companies. Toothpaste, soap, etc. are all produced in India, so why should we buy those that are manufactured by foreign companies?

Sugar is poison. Wherever sugarcane is grown, make jiggery from it. Then use and sell this jaggery. There is more tax on sugar made in India than that is imported from foreign countries. This is why most sugar factories in India are sick and not producing at their full capacities. The politicians have take commissions etc. and they have ruined the industry.

The necessity of iodized salt can be found in countries where it is very cold and there is no or limited sunlight. There is no need for iodised salt in India because, the effect of iodine is lost once it is placed in anything hot. Purchasing salt worth Rs. 5/- at Rs. 25/- is only making you that much poorer. There will be another salt movement (Satyagraha) again. Look, for thousands of years now, the people have been living a healthy life in India. What happened all of a sudden? Where did iodized salt suddenly come in heaven?

We have been using turmeric for many years. 10-15 years ago they were saying that turmeric was useless, the only benefit being the color. Today, these same foreigners consider turmeric to be of medicinal value and are trying to patent it. 

Similarly, the things we use in day-to-day life are being patented by them and resold to us. India is their biggest market. Hence everyone has their eye on our country on how to sell their products here and remove our wealth to their countries.

The more economically weak India becomes, the easier it will be for the foreigners to conquer and rule her again. You must go to the villages and make them aware. Go to each and every house/shop and inform them of all these things.

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