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Do you know why people wear ties?

In the 16th century, when British soldiers were holding their guns in the cold, they needed to wipe their running noses continuously. Finding it difficult to take the handkerchief constantly from their pockets, it became convenient to tie a piece of cloth around their necks. The elite did not wear ties. They were only to be worn by the middle-class servants. Now this custom has started in our country as well and the people don’t have any idea about its origin. Moreover, wearing necktie restricts blood flow to the brain and hinders development, especially in children.

You must all go into the villages and tell people that we must stop using the tie. It is all right to study English, but to believe that wearing tie and shoes will increase their understanding of English is foolish and stupid. We need to get out of this. Then after some tie the collar which was necessary in Europe because of the cold. But here, it is quit unnecessary.

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